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George, the first major English settlement in India and the foundation stone of Chennai St. According to the Archaeological Survey of India ASI , Pallavaram was a megalithic cultural establishment, and pre-historic communities resided in the settlement. During the 1st century CE , a poet and weaver named Thiruvalluvar lived in the town of Mylapore a neighbourhood of present Chennai. They also defeated several kingdoms including the Cheras , Cholas and Pandyas who ruled over the area before their arrival. Sculpted caves and paintings have been identified from that period. A portion of these findings belonged to the Vijayanagara Empire , which ruled the region during the medieval period.

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In itself this seemed to represent lapse security compared with other airports. I also noticed that some fellow passengers saw this as a way of saving a bit of time by strolling through this way. All security staff were occupied either on the X-ray machine or on the personal metal detectors and no one was actually watching what was going on more generally.

A tall young man, carrying a small bag, strolled quickly through this area. One X-ray machine operator saw him and shouted for him to stop but was ignored.

May 30,  · May 30, Travel Kuala Lumpur, recreation, temple, tourist attraction, vacation curiouscat Batu caves is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia.

Internet Lily is not your average university student. At 22, Lily has not yet finished her accountancy degree at a private university in Malaysia, but is already living the life of a high-flying finance professional. She is being bankrolled by a year-old sugar daddy. Finally, things appear to be going smoothly. When she wraps up her studies in June, she will take a gap year in Europe, basing herself in a posh house in the fashionable London borough of Camden, owned by her sugar daddy, an expat accountant in Singapore.

And Lily is far from alone. As of March, The SugarBook had , users — up from 75, at the beginning of the year — mostly from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. Its founder, Darren Chan, hopes to grow that membership to , by June, and sees the China, Indonesia and Thailand markets as ripe for expansion.

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October 14, shares When travelling in India, safety is a concern and a question often asked about, especially in the capital city of New Delhi. Certain notions exist, making it unnerving for women travellers to plan an itinerary. Though New Delhi can be challenging, it is by no means categorically unsafe.

Kuala Lumpur is a bustling and eventful place full of exciting nightlife. There’s something for everyone with its swanky restaurants and bars lining the Golden Triangle district, right through to nightclubs and karaoke clubs in the Chinatown district, Bangsar and Hartamas.

The following review will guide you to the best bars and nightclubs in the city as of late Comments, criticism and questions are much welcome, just write them below at the end of the article. Lady Gaga is banned from performing as well. More recently, Islamist militants protested against the venue of Elton John because he was homosexual and Selena Gomez for being “too sexy”.

The government is actually rather hypocrite. While flirting with Islamists, the current prime minister, Najib Razak is also the grand-son of the cofounder of Genting Berhad, one of the largest casino operators in the world and also the owner of nightclubs like Zouk. It is not surprising that in March, his son was able to replace DJ Fadi in Zouk Singapore, causing a backlash from fans. The low-point of KL nightlife for me is the generally poor atmosphere within nightclubs.

Communities don’t seem interested to mix. Within nightclubs, party-goers will stay in groups around tables and avoid any interactions with others. Expat hangouts seem more diverse and open though. Even worse, you can feel racial tensions from time to time.

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Expat moving to KL, where are the best locations to rent a I take the Kerenchi Link to connect to Federal Highway and the traffic is generally bearable around am. Like I said, its a rather long journey.

An expat in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia talks about relationships in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia The best advice Firstly be sensitive to local cultures especially to the Malay Muslims who are very unlike the worlds negative picture of an Islamic society Secondly dont be judgemental sure things are different here but vive la difference Lastly expats are a privileged bunch Be discreet about these.

Carman Leave a comment Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is known for its contemporary facilities, lush greenery and pleasant weather. All these factors make the city a perfect place for raising children in Malaysia even if you are an expat. The expats would thus find KL an easy city where they can keep their children happy and engaged. The children of the expats are greeted warmly in almost all places in KL, a city which has accepted a host of different faiths and culture with open arms.

KL takes pride in housing some of the fun attractions that are unique in their own ways. Kuala Lumpur is indeed a real gateway to the rest of Malaysia and a place where the families of the expats can be spoiled for limitless choices with jungles, beautiful beaches and other important cities where they can visit quite conveniently. Medical facilities for kids in KL Kuala Lumpur houses some of the finest hospitals of Malaysia and several of them enjoy immaculate reputations.

Many of the expats can consult the local pediatricians who are attached to these hospitals for the health and immunization needs of their children. The postnatal and antenatal care is also quite good in the city; Expats can find a good practitioner for their children through word-of-mouth. Taking children out dining in KL KL is well-known for its exotic cuisines and the children of the expats would enjoy the mouth-watering cuisines along with their parents.

Children get a warm welcome in majority of these places, from international chain of food joints to the local food courts and other fine dining facilities.

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Expert Vagabond — Matthew Karsten is an adventure travel addict, photographer and great storyteller. His curiosity of the world took him to many places around the globe. For the last 4 years he shares his entertaining stories, beautiful images, and useful travel tips with us. His recipe for happiness is simple — Live the life you want, not the way other expect.

For single expats in Kuala Lumpur, dating is even harder. Read more. 10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Online Dating Profile for Expats. In a perfect world, you and your soulmate would bump into each other on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, lock eyes, and fall madly in love the next second.

Expat moving to KL, where are the best locations to rent a Aug 1, , 1: I take the Kerenchi Link to connect to Federal Highway and the traffic is generally bearable around am. Like I said, its a rather long journey. All it takes is some accident along the way and you will listening to your favourte CD many times over. Alternatively, you can drive to Sentral and take the train.

Need to pay train monthly pass and season parking. There is also a condo in Sentral that goes for I think about RM5k per month. Alternatively, you can stay in Puchong, there are some new housing areas that are quite nice but occupied mainly by mid market locals costs about RM k to buy, so its not a cheap area. That’s where some of the shell IT services staff stay coz its nearer to cyberjaya. There are also some condominums in kajang as well. My earlier suggestion is perhaps still the best.

Rent a service apartment for 2 weeks to a month initially, then get a housing agent and look around what you like first, based on travel convienence and budget and your preference for the area, then decide.

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The following review will guide you to the best bars and nightclubs in the city as of late Comments, criticism and questions are much welcome, just write them below at the end of the article. If you don’t have time to read the whole review, here is a summary in 50 words: This article was last updated in September Lady Gaga is banned from performing as well. More recently, Islamist militants protested against the venue of Elton John because he was homosexual and Selena Gomez for being “too sexy”.

Oct 22,  · Salary, a topic started in the Kuala Lumpur expat forum on Expat Info Desk, questions asked by the community about Kuala Lumpur answered by the community and the Expat .

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -Are you living alone or with your family? With my husband -How long have you been living in Malaysia? My first international posting was in Munich, Germany, where I lived with my husband for five years. After all those years of cold, northern European weather, we decided we wanted to live somewhere warm and sunny, so when we were offered this job in KL, we jumped at the chance. As with most international schools, the school here obtained my work visa.

The only thing I had to do was provide proof of my teaching credentials and years of experience. Again, this is something that is handled by the school. Do you have any type of income generated? Working in international schools is a fantastic way to live, work and travel abroad. There are international schools in all capital cities and many in other smaller cities as well.

Here in KL there are at least 5 large international schools over students per school. These schools service the expat community with the language of instruction being English. There are also often international schools in different languages as well.

Laos Visa Run – Part 1

If you need a touch-up and forgot to pack your lipstick or powder before heading out the hotel, those are great spots to find a quick fix. Georgina Donn Eveandboy is a Thai-owned store that is always packed with customers, from school girls to professional working ladies. The reason is simple: Their drugstore options are phenomenal, and include lesser-known brands such as Elf Cosmetics, Makeup Revolution and Melanie blushes — and all at discounted prices.

Likewise, luxury make-up brands are also available and cheaper than regular retail prices. Be prepared for a crowd though; Eveandboy is always packed so brace yourselves for a few elbow nudges and foot stamps.

Find Expatriate Home in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian properties and real estate listings for sale or rent.

A few useful tips on: The value of the currency in Kuala Lumpur How much money do I need to enjoy Malaysia The choice between cash and cards The currency in Kuala Lumpur and consumer taxes Ringgit is what the currency in Kuala Lumpur is called. To give you an indication, at the time of writing Oct one USD will get you 3. Inflation in Malaysia was around 3. What do you get for your Ringgit? Your Ringgit will really stretch as far as you want it to stretch and all depends on how you choose to spend it.

When living your expat life in Kuala Lumpur, visiting or traveling in Malaysia, you will find that there is a large gap between rich and poor.

Welcome abroad!

You can follow him on Twitter if you are so inclined. When men are traveling around Southeast Asia , Kuala Lumpur does not immediately come to mind as a hunting ground for prime female companionship. However, if one is willing to give the place a closer look rather than the obligatory two day stop in between Singapore and the southern Thai islands, the second most developed city in the region after Singapore has some interesting potential in the age of Internations and Tinder.

You can easily get a steady rotation of dates and relationships in this town with women from all manner of religions and cultures without excessive difficulty. Hotels, food, and getting around the city is cheap on the down in the dumps Malaysian Ringgit nearly 4. Iranian Immigrants Oh hello there… Kuala Lumpur is home to a sizable contingent of Persian expatriates who are either seeking greater economic opportunities abroad, or are simply looking to escape the numerous lifestyle restrictions such as alcohol consumption and women having to wear the Islamic hijab which are present in their home country and not in Malaysia.

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October So it was Visa run time again. Only this time with the new website bangkok Savannakhet in Laos is now my preferred destination to get a Visa for Thailand. Reports of people queueing an hour before opening time and some visa companies taking 90 people at a time make the place not worth the hassle in my eyes. Tourists are still however very thin on the ground, and the expat community is virtually non-existent.

Nightlife options are next to none, but a few delightful little cafes and restaurants are dotted around the city. I have been to Savannakhet once before in and had a successful trip. The Thai Consulate there is generally regarded by expats as one of the easiest and most hassle free places to get your Thai Visa. Unfortunately, as of the 1st February they have now changed to next day collections, requiring you to stay in Savannakhet overnight.

No big deal, I did a 5 minute trip advisor search and had 3 places on a shortlist that I would check as a walkin customer on the day of arrival.

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