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His comments fly in the face of 20 years’ research. Steven Barnett , University of Westminster Previous government aid packages for local papers have instead helped Fleet Street’s ‘big beasts’. Ozge Ozduzen , Lund University New, extreme levels of censorship in Turkey could lead to waves of digital activism by tech-savvy generations. Ghaith Aljayyoussi , University of Liverpool LSD is far safer than alcohol or tobacco, so why don’t drug laws reflect it? Carol Williams , University of Brighton The sugar tax relies on creating a price difference between high- and low-sugar drinks, but this could be cancelled out by bundled offers, such as fixed-price meal deals. They should probably get on with it then. Peter Falkingham , Liverpool John Moores University Little skates that ‘walk’ across the ocean floor show how fish brains evolved to pave the way for working legs.

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References Prostate cancer and its treatment can affect your sex life. We describe the treatment and support that is available, and ways for you to work through any problems. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, heterosexual, gay or bisexual we hope you will find this helpful. If you’re a partner of a man with prostate cancer you may also find it useful. There’s also more information in our How to manage sex and relationships guide.

‘A giant jigsaw’ – Prof Miles Glendinning, director of the Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies. He believes the building can still be saved – but it can be taken apart like a giant jigsaw.

Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks There are over different types of cancer and many possible signs and symptoms. It’s a good idea to get to know your body and what’s normal for you, to help you spot any unusual or persistent changes that could be signs of cancer. If you develop one of these symptoms, it doesn’t usually mean you’ve got cancer, but it’s important to have it investigated. An unusual lump or swelling anywhere on your body Most women are aware that an unusual breast lump is something they should see a GP about but persistent lumps or swellings in other parts of the body should also be taken seriously.

It probably won’t be cancer, but it’s best to get it checked. Unusual breast changes When it comes to your breasts, lumps aren’t the only changes that should be reported to your GP. Also look for any change in the size, shape or feel of a breast, a change to the skin texture, redness, a nipple change, or pain in the breast. If you have breast changes, expect your GP to take a careful history, examine the breast and possibly refer you to a specialist breast clinic where you’ll have tests that may include a mammogram , ultrasound , MRI and perhaps a biopsy.

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The News International phone-hacking scandal was a controversy involving the now defunct News of the World and other British newspapers published by News International, a subsidiary of News ees of the newspaper were accused of engaging in phone hacking, police bribery, and exercising improper influence in the pursuit of stories.. Whilst investigations conducted from .

Increasing proportions of women had antenatal screening and ultrasound scans. However there has been no research examining changes over time in women’s reported experience. Methods this study used secondary analysis of data collected in four postal surveys of maternity care experiences in , , and In each case women who had delivered in a specified time period in England were randomly sampled and sent a questionnaire three months after the birth.

Women were excluded if they were aged less than 16 years or their infant had died. The majority of questions were comparable over the different surveys. Descriptive statistics and adjusted odds ratios are presented. Findings in the antenatal period, an increasing proportion of women had early first contact with a healthcare professional, screening for Down’s syndrome, both dating and anomaly scans and the total number of ultrasound scans increased over the period.

The proportion of women given explanations about screening and choice regarding interventions during labour and birth both appear to have increased. In the postnatal period, length of hospital stay declined over time but the proportion of women who considered their length of stay too short remained constant. The number of postnatal home visits also declined and there was a substantial increase in the proportion of women who would have liked more visits.

Overall satisfaction with care remained high especially for care during pregnancy, labour and birth.

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One of his first acts from London was to establish the royal postal service between London and Edinburgh , in an attempt to retain control over the Scottish Privy Council. The monopoly was farmed out to Thomas Witherings. In July the Post Office was put under the direct government control of John Thurloe , a Secretary of State, and best known to history as Cromwell’s spymaster general. Previous English governments had tried to prevent conspirators communicating, Thurloe preferred to deliver their post having surreptitiously read it.

Delivery staff received uniforms for the first time in , and the Post Office Investigation Branch was established; it is the world’s oldest recognised criminal investigations authority. The first mail train ran in , on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

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Monday 11 December I knew she was overreacting, I thought; I had just been burning the candle at both ends a little too much. My smugness and the unwavering sense of immortality that you still have when you are relatively young was short-lived when the doctor came rushing back to my bed before I could even call my mum to tell her the good news. I could never have foreseen the blow she delivered. How the bloody hell, I said to myself, can you miss that? But over the six hellish days I spent in hospital, where the time was broken up only by a series of uncomfortable tests, desolate mental breakdowns and agonising phases of waiting, I could see how the burden of squeezed resources was hitting.

And we are right to be concerned. But the time I spent in hospital meant I saw first-hand how the unprecedented pressure on the devoted people on the front line of our health service is already hammering their best intentions. I experienced well-meaning doctors making trivial mistakes that had the potential to be extremely dangerous. One performed an unsuccessful lumbar puncture on me without applying a fenestrated drape to provide a sterile area over my spine, while on a busy ward where infection was present — one patient in the same bay had a urinary tract infection.

Another put my name down for a procedure that was meant for another patient. I fundamentally believe these errors are not down to incompetency, but are a result of relentless stress. Ms Hawkins, a shoe machinist, was jailed five times while leading the Suffragette campaign in the city in the early 20th Century. Fawcett was a leading figure in the suffragist movement and campaigned relentlessly to get the vote for women in this country.

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What will you do with your scan photos? When will I have my dating scan? You’ll have a dating scan, also known as a week scan between about 10 weeks and 14 weeks of pregnancy.

10+5 and scared of missed miscarriage By Natalie (not verified) on 24 Jul – Hi I am 10+5 (by LMP) and have my 12 week scan in for next week at 12+1. I had a missed miscarriage in Feb, where the baby’s heart couldn’t be detected at 6 weeks.

Quality control Limited analysis An ultrasound technician must not only know how to prepare sonography equipment for a patient but maintain it as well. This includes making adjustments for the best image results. Patient record keeping is part of the job as well. Part of the preparation that must be done before an imaging session takes place is to scrub the area that will be analyzed on the patient. Then, a special gel is applied to the area that will be examined that aids in the transmission of sound waves.

An ultrasound technician must perform these tasks in addition to adjusting the patient or helping put the patient on the table. Quality control is of utmost importance in ultrasonography. Thus the ultrasound technician must be able to analyze images and re-take if deemed necessary. However, a technician is trained is to do limited analysis of images to determine if further examination must be performed.

Plus, a technician must be able to identify the differences between what is normal in an internal region and what is abnormal so that further examination can be performed. This person must also be able to detail all findings for the case physician.

George North’s injury fate to be revealed as Wales winger undergoes scan on knee

Between and , several were convicted for crimes including drug distribution, the theft of drugs, child pornography, planting evidence, corruption, and perverting the course of justice. Jonathan Rees and his partner Sid Fillery, a former police officer, were also under suspicion for the murder of a private investigator named Daniel Morgan.

Mulcaire obtained Cook’s home address, his internal Metropolitan police payroll number, his date of birth and figures for his mortgage payments as well as physically following him and his family. Attempts to access Cook’s voicemail and that of his wife, and possibly hack his computer and intercept his post were also suspected. Operation Motorman[ edit ] In , under the title Operation Motorman , the Information Commissioner’s Office , [21] raided the offices of various newspaper and private investigators, looking for details of personal information kept on unregistered computer databases.

The operation uncovered numerous invoices addressed to newspapers and magazines, which detailed prices for the provision of personal information.

As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria. Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from

It’s not offered in this health area. It’s offered in both regions to either side but it’s not offered here. So if you’d wanted it you would have had to pay for it? And they didn’t tell you that it was available if you paid for it? They did tell me, the midwife told me at my booking-in clinic that, because we only get one scan unless there’s reasons for others, which was at 11 weeks. So she did, she told me that I could actually go and get a private scan done later on if I wanted to’.

Did you think about going for it privately? No, actually – well, I mean, I could have.

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February 4 During my last year of working I was suffering blinding migraines 3 or 4 times a week and my attendance was becoming spotty at best. It took over a year of my GP trying various medications some mentioned here before finally admitting defeat and referring me to hospital. After more delays I was finally given an MRI whereupon they discovered a ruptured cervical disc which was the source of the problems.

So, after 15 months of treatment and then 14 months on the waiting list during which I lost my job I was finally operated on and, despite claims the surgery wouldn’t help, I finally got rid of them until about 3 years ago when they started again.

Jan 13,  · A simple minute test which can be taken at home can spot the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers claim. The exam which can be completed online or by hand, tests language ability.

What is the Panorama test? This is great news for couples because it eliminates the risk of miscarriage of the pregnancy. It is important that an ultrasound scan is performed just before the blood test to confirm the pregnancy. The Panorama Test is not available for Vanishing twin, multiple gestation of more than 2 fetuses, or twins conceived using an egg donor or surrogate. Why the Panorama test? This has been further refined by looking at the nose bone of the baby with an additional blood test to identify two pregnancy hormones.

Women with a high risk have an option to proceed to chorion villous sampling CVS or amniocentesis. These are invasive tests that carry a miscarriage risk of about 1: Microdeletions are avaialable with Panorama.

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Royal Mail plc (Welsh: Post Brenhinol; Scottish Gaelic: a’ Phuist Rìoghail) is a postal service and courier company in the United Kingdom, originally established in The company’s subsidiary, Royal Mail Group Limited, operates the brands Royal Mail (letters) and Parcelforce Worldwide (parcels). General Logistics Systems, an international logistics company, is a wholly owned subsidiary of.

After 20 weeks you can also find out the sex of your baby. All our scans are carried out at our clinic by a team of highly experienced sonographers using the latest scanning equipment in a warm, relaxed and friendly environment. What to expect on the day Our highly experienced sonographers are there to help you relax and will use gently warmed ultrasound gel to help you feel comfortable during your scan.

It really is a magical experience that all expectant parents should witness. Please note that gender determination will be carried out in 2D as standard. The music we play during your scan is a meditation and relaxation music CD made exclusively for Baby Scan Clinic. So feel free to use the toilets once you arrive at Baby Scan Clinic. Eat normally on the day of your scan but please avoid a heavy meal and caffeine in the hour leading up to your scan.

If your scan is first thing in the morning, please have your breakfast beforehand. Many expectant mums find that chocolate, sweets, fresh orange or even fizzy drinks help when trying to stimulate your baby to move. So feel free to bring some along to your appointment in case baby is sleeping. When you arrive 10 minutes before the scan, have a walk around as this will help wake your baby up ready for the scan.

Do you have male and female sonographers?

Aged 33, I was admitted to an NHS hospital with a suspected stroke. What I saw shocked me

Or you can report crime to your local community team How to protect yourself against cybercrime With ransomware cyber-attacks being big news at the moment, we explain how you can keep yourself protected from cyber-crime. In May , a global cyber-attack has hit over , people in countries, with the NHS in the UK being amongst the worst hit. In Scotland 12 Scottish health boards, including the ambulance service, were targeted and the episode has increased fears about internet security across the country.

Meanwhile, in June a global ransomware attack caused turmoil for companies across the world. Again, a virus hit users computers and a demand was made to pay a random in the digital Bitcoin currency. How can I protect myself?

News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services.

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Meditating regularly can boost your wellbeing and reduce stress. Top meditation guru Andy Puddicombe tells us how The former Buddhist monk, who spent 10 years travelling the globe in search of enlightenment, has returned home to the UK on a mission to spread the word about the powerful tool of meditation. The words meditation and mindfulness have become interchangeable in recent years, with the latter adopted as a term to debunk the myths around meditation.

A wealth of research — more than 2, papers published in peer reviewed journals, according to Puddicombe — has shown meditation has a positive effect on a range of stress-related illnesses, including: Meditation or mindfulness is available on the NHS to treat the relapse of depression. Puddicombe says it will also help you deal with emotions, cope under pressure, give up addictions and keep bright and alert.